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Building Blocks Chicken Farm

Building Blocks Chicken Farm

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Introducing the "Cluckingham Palace" Building Blocks Set! Get ready for a farmyard adventure like never before. Gather 'round the chicken coop as our quirky feathered friends live it up in their stylish abode. With the "Accessories Animal Chicken Coop" set, you'll build a charming chicken paradise filled with nesting boxes, a cozy fence, and a delightful floor scene to keep those tiny building block particles entertained. Watch the cute little block chickens strut their stuff, clucking with joy as they lay eggs, peck at tasty treats, and enjoy the good life in this hilarious and heartwarming building blocks creation. It's time to let your imagination run wild, with a set that's more fun than a rooster at sunrise!

Product information:

Commodity material: ABS environmental protection plastic
Packing: OPP bag, no box
Toy type: small particles assembled building block accessories
Product net weight: 120 grams
Suitable age: 6 years old +


Material: Plastic/Plastic
Plastic building block type: small particles



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