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Chicken Waterer - Nipple Style - 105 piece

Chicken Waterer - Nipple Style - 105 piece

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Introducing our Chicken Waterer - Nipple Style, the clever solution to keep your flock hydrated with minimal mess!

We know how it goes – chickens can be enthusiastic drinkers, and water can end up everywhere but their beaks. But worry not, because our Nipple Style Waterer is designed to significantly reduce spillage and keep your coop cleaner.

The secret lies in the smart nipple design that delivers water directly to your chickens' mouths. No more clumsy splashing or water wastage! With the Nipple Style Waterer, your hens will enjoy a more refined and gentle drinking experience.

Installation is a breeze, and you'll love the convenience of a waterer that stays neater for longer. Spend less time wiping up spills and more time enjoying the company of your delightful flock.

So, if you're tired of waterlogged coops and the daily mop-up routine, give our Chicken Waterer - Nipple Style a try. Your chickens will thank you for the improved drinking experience, and you'll appreciate the reduced mess. It's a win-win situation for both you and your feathered friends!

Keep things clean, keep your chickens happy – get your Nipple Style Waterer today and say goodbye to the waterworks in your coop! 🐔💦🚱

Thread diameter: 10mm
Product length: 30mm
Water nozzle material: stainless steel
Other materials: ABS
Installation method:  Drill appropriate size hole in bottom of bucket and thread nipple with washer. Will not leak.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Myron Conn

Bad jaca opruga u nipli

Arvilla Bahringer

ок looks good , for my friend

Antonietta Stehr

It was nout exactly what I was expecting. I haven't try it yet. I'm not sure if its gonna work because its difficult to be pushed by the pigeon in order to drink from it.

Tyra O'Keefe

Too hard when carrying a dock, it is difficult for the water to come out, it all depends on whether your chickens get used to drinking nipples.

Lori Hudson

Mechanism works. In real business haven't tried yet.