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Chicken Shaped Microwave Egg Steamer

Chicken Shaped Microwave Egg Steamer

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1. Introduction: The safe and convenient microwave egg cooking function can keep the moisture of the egg, the taste is fresh, and the nutrition is rich. Four eggs can be boiled at a time, and the length of microwave heating can be selected from three different maturity levels: tender, medium and full boiled, to meet the different tastes of you and your family. You can also use it to cook foods such as steamed buns, bread, and steamed buns. The bottom of the water tank is specially designed to effectively prevent water from entering the microwave oven.

★ How to use:
1. Pour water to the bottom of the egg steamer to the water level.
2. Put the whole egg in the steamer.
3. Align and fix the upper cover.
4. According to personal taste, the maturity of the egg can be adjusted

When the microwave oven is set to 400-500W (about medium to high heat), the cooking time is as follows:
1. Full-boiled eggs about 8 minutes
2. Tender eggs for about 7 minutes
3. Rest the eggs for about 6 minutes

1. The whole egg is steamed to keep moisture, fresh in taste and rich in nutrition.
2. It can steam 4 eggs at a time, which is convenient and quick.
3. Can steam other foods.

Product size: 13.5*14*14cm (5.3x5.5x5.5in)

Packing list:
Egg cooker*1


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