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Chicken life cycle drawing stencils with figurines

Chicken life cycle drawing stencils with figurines

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Experience the fascinating journey from egg to clucking wonder with our Chicken Life Cycle Drawing Stencils with Figurines! πŸ£πŸ”

This educational and entertaining set is perfect for young explorers who want to dive into the world of chickens. With a range of stencils depicting every stage of the chicken life cycle, kids can trace and color the transformation from egg to chick to full-grown hen.

But the fun doesn't end there! The set also includes adorable chicken figurines, allowing kids to act out the life cycle and create their own farm adventures. It's a hands-on learning experience that's as egg-citing as it is educational. Unleash the curiosity of your little farmers and let their imaginations soar! 🌱🐀🎨

Figurines: Plastic, 1-1.5in

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