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Farmhouse Chicken Kitchenware

Farmhouse Chicken Kitchenware

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Step into our whimsical world of farmhouse-inspired chicken kitchenware, where culinary charm meets country style! Our collection features an array of cluck-tastic choices to spruce up your kitchen and delight your guests.

From adorable chicken-themed bowls perfect for soups and stews to charming rattle bells that add a touch of whimsy, our products are designed to bring joy to your everyday kitchen moments.

Organize your space with our ornamental chicken storage, and keep your butter in a cup of cuteness with our butter cup. Add a dash of quirkiness to your dining table with chopsticks holders and lid sugar bowls that boast chicken-themed accents.

Our jewelry boxes offer a delightful twist on storage solutions, while napkin holders keep things neat and tidy in a cluckin' cool way. Shake up your mealtime with our pepper shakers, and toast to the good times with our wine glasses.

With our farmhouse chicken kitchenware, you can create a charming and inviting atmosphere in your kitchen that's sure to make your family and guests smile. Embrace the feathered fun, and let the chicken-coop chic take over your kitchen décor!

So, whether you're a chicken enthusiast, a lover of rustic charm, or simply looking for unique and quirky kitchenware, our collection has something to satisfy your clucky cravings. Shop now and add a touch of whimsy to your culinary adventures! 🐔🍽️🎉

Product information:

Material: Ceramic
Features: Color Glaze

Size Information:

Handle bowl: 4x5in
Butter cup: 6x3in
Rattle: 5x2.75in
Chopsticks Holder: 5x4.25in
Egg 3 grids: 5x3in
Napkin holder: 10x7x5cm (4x2.75x2in)
Napkin holder: 10x10x9cm (4x4x3.5in)
Egg tray: 2.4x2in
Pepper shaker: 2.4x2in
Jewelry box: 2.75x2in
Jewelry Box: 3.5x2in
Napkin holder: 13x7x4cm (5x2.74x1.5in)
Five-compartment egg tray: 17x9cm (6.7x3.5in)
Rattle: 12x8x6cm (4.7x3x2.4in)
Right rooster: 14x12x7cm (5.5x4.75x2.75in)
Chicken Storage Ornament: 14x12x9cm (5.5x4.7x3.5in)
Three mini shot glasses: 6x4cm (2.4x1.5in)
Small sugar bowl with lid: 9x8cn (3.5x3.15in)


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