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Hen basket

Hen basket

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Introducing the EGGstraordinary Metal Basket with a Clucking Twist! 🐔🍎

Do you find yourself in a scramble to keep your fruits, eggs, or treasures in one delightful spot? Look no further, because we've cracked the code with our eggceptional Metal Basket with Chicken Topper Lid!

Imagine a metal marvel that's both functional and farm-tastically fun. This isn't your ordinary basket – oh no! It's topped with a charming chicken lid that's ready to rule the roost on your countertop. This feathery friend isn't just for show – it's here to keep your goodies safe and sound, whether it's a cluster of crisp apples, a dozen freshly laid eggs, or even your secret stash of chocolate truffles (we won't tell!).

The chicken topper isn't just a lid – it's an experience. With its intricately designed feathers, beady eyes, and a beak that's almost begging for a snack, it's like having a clucky companion right in your kitchen. Picture this: you reach for a juicy peach, and as you lift the lid, you're greeted by a whimsical 'cluck' that's sure to make you smile.

But it's not all about looks – this basket means business. Crafted from sturdy metal, it's ready to hold your delicious goodies with eggscellence. The wire mesh design allows for optimal air circulation, ensuring your fruits stay fresher for longer and your eggs stay cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Whether you're a kitchen maven or just looking to add a touch of country charm to your home, our Metal Basket with Chicken Topper Lid is the perfect blend of utility and delight. It's a clucking good time waiting to happen, and it's here to make your kitchen adventures eggs-tra special. So why wait? Grab your basket, gather your eggs (or other goodies), and let the clucking commence!


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Customer Reviews

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Gerald Eichmann

Thank the seller for the fast delivery, the product is very beautiful, I like it very much

Kenna Corwin

The chicken beautiful!! As in the picture!! I loved! OBS: only a dozen fits in it.

Paxton Willms

The hut is a hut Duge class. To the next seller. Everything is packed.

Adella Bosco

Very practical egg storage box, 8 days received goods, very fast, recommended

Miracle O'Keefe

nice but I hope you have bigger size