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Spiral Egg Rack

Spiral Egg Rack

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Introducing our "Spiral Egg Basket - Cluckin' Practical Kitchen Marvel"! 🥚🍳

Add a dash of creativity and country charm to your kitchen with this egg-citing spiral egg rack. Crafted with wrought iron, this practical and stylish basket is perfect for storing and displaying your farm-fresh eggs in a spiral of cluck-tastic beauty.

Keep your eggs organized and readily accessible with this delightful kitchen essential. It's not just a storage solution; it's a functional work of art that will leave your guests eggs-static! 🐔🍳✨

The egg skeleton makes it easy to track which eggs are the oldest and newest from your hen. Just put an egg on a shelf and line it up!
Make sure to remove the eggs from the bottom to make sure you use the oldest eggs first!
Strong steel! - made of steel and durable after repeated use. Modern! - designed to save space and fit any size of the egg.

Material: Wire
Color: Black, White, Silver, Red


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