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Wooden Chicken Egg Rack

Wooden Chicken Egg Rack

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Introducing our "Rustic Wooden Egg Rack" - a stylish and practical addition to your kitchen that holds 6 eggs in cluckin' good style! 🥚🥚🥚

Crafted with care from your choice of either rich black walnut or beautiful beech wood, this egg rack exudes natural elegance and warmth.

The compact design allows it to fit seamlessly on your countertop or inside your pantry, keeping your eggs organized and within easy reach.

Whether you're a culinary enthusiast or simply love farm-fresh eggs, our Wooden Egg Rack is the perfect way to display and store your eggs in a charming and rustic manner.

So, why settle for ordinary egg storage when you can have a "Rustic Wooden Egg Rack"? Get ready to elevate your kitchen decor and showcase your eggs in cluck-tastic style! 🥚🌿🐔

Product information:
Color: Black Walnut, Beech
Material Type: Wooden

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