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Silly Chicken Decor

Silly Chicken Decor

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Silly Chicken Decor - Lively Outdoor Statues to Brighten Your Space!

Welcome to Silly Chicken Decor, your go-to destination for enchanting outdoor chicken yard art that's bound to bring smiles. These captivating statues are more than just decor; they're happiness in colorful feathers!


  • Vibrant Delight: Our chicken yard art boasts brilliant, eye-catching colors that radiate happiness. A single glance is all it takes to uplift your spirits.
  • Charming Attention: Wherever these lovable chickens roost, they're sure to capture attention and hearts. Their uniqueness adds charm to any spot.

Premium Craftsmanship:

  • Quality Resin: Crafted from top-notch resin, our chicken garden decor assures lasting quality and worry-free durability.
  • Outdoor Elegance: Display the decorative chicken statues on garden poles for a touch of elegance outdoors. It's a thoughtful gift to cherish.

Handmade Beauty:

  • Vivid and Lasting: Every piece is meticulously handcrafted, hand-painted, and unique. Detailed outlines and engravings ensure vivid, non-fading charm that lasts.
  • Sturdy and Timeless: Each chicken is resilient and strong, promising lasting beauty. The uniform color won't fade over time, ensuring years of delight.

Perfect Size and Care:

  • Universal Dimensions: Measuring about 20 x 8 cm (7.8x3.2in), these chickens fit seamlessly into any setting. Each piece is individually wrapped to preserve its pristine condition.

Versatile Charm:

  • Exquisite Decor: From your office to your garden, these chicken yard art decor pieces find a place anywhere. They're perfect for desks, living rooms, balconies, and more.

Bring a touch of whimsy to every corner with Silly Chicken Decor. Shop now and discover the joy of vibrant, enduring outdoor art! 🐔🌈 #SillyChickenDecor #OutdoorCharm #ShopWithGlee


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Brad Kunde

Lovely decorative ideal for garden size acceptable
Price ratio recommended 100%

Efrain Cruickshank

The yellow chicken is as is the size of the description but the dots do not match the premarked place. The other gives rise to error. Is dwarf and they weigh nothing. Shipping is very expensive. I was thinking of putting them in windows but they would end up on the ground due to the wind

Velda Kemmer

Very happy

Shannon Howell

They're simply stellar😍

Reid Walker

i want to buy all of these they are fabulous!!